Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time to be Heard

Last Friday I mentioned the Friday the 13th episode of Glenn Beck's show that was to feature a few prominent conservative bloggers. I was under the impression the bad luck of the day had prevailed and to some degree, perhaps it did. Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth gives a behind the scenes accounting of some of the frustration experienced at not being able to express her thoughts and opinions in a forum that was held out to as a "Time to be Heard." Some of this was a logistical problem as the group was seated away from the mic. The show seems to have wasted some time covering issues Adrienne didn't find of great import as well. Much was later edited out so indeed it was a waste. Still she seemed hopeful that she would have another opportunity to address her points should Beck devote another show to the unique experiences of black conservatives. I am glad she wrote what she would have said and the behind the scenes info was really interesting.

Robin Martin who blogs at Conservative Black Woman had her moment in the sun and she was just amazing. Here is the clip where she appears on the stage with Beck and two other guests. She starts to speak just a minute and 10 seconds into the clip and dominates the discussion right up until the break at about 5 min 30 seconds into the clip. I thought she handled that mic and the spotlight like a pro. Beck picks up in the next segment by saying that he hope the group can come back for another show so hopefully we will get a chance to hear from those who were frustrated by their inability to speak on camera. In the mean time here's Robin's time to shine:

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