Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Gut Punch to Senate Democrats:

Chuck Todd tweeted his initial reaction to the news Senator Byron Dorgan is retiring instead of running for re-election, calling it a gut punch to SenatAe Democrats. NRO online has a round up of other significant reactions to the news. It is interesting reading but, more importantly, the collection of tweets reveals how damaging this news is to Democrats.

As Allahpundit notes Dorgan was done in by his health care vote:
‘Twas ObamaCare that killed the beast. Health-care reform is radioactive in North Dakota and, thanks to his support for it, so was Dorgan: As of two weeks ago, as a three-term incumbent, he trailed the state’s Republican governor John Hoeven in a hypothetical match-up by fully 22 points.
 Dorgan's statement cites the length of his service and a desire to pursue other interests as reasons for his decision to retire.   Let's just say the thoughts of losing after 30 years must have had a little something to do with it.  This is a sure pickup for the GOP which makes today a little taste of what's to come in November.  So, who's next?

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