Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Lip Reading the SOTU Audience

Left wing bloggers ignored the Supreme Court diss and focused on Senator John McCain mouthing "blame it on Bush" instead.  Here is the lead in to the video at Crooks and Liars:
Obama finally threw some blame for the sorry state of this country at the feet of George Bush and conservatism. Cutting taxes and starting wars doesn't lead us to economic prosperity.
Yeah, how about that, Obama finally threw some blame on Bush.   I thought he would never get around to blaming Bush personally.  Well, that's not entirely true, I did mention in an earlier post we might be hearing something about Obama's inherited problems tonight.  In that same post I mentioned Paul Ryan would have been better off had he mentioned that it is Congress that passes the budget and Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006.  Obama voted for some of the deficit he now claims came to him like a bad gene inherited through some biological twist of fate.

Think Progress also has no problem with Obama's "Blame Bush" rhetoric:
  Stating facts is not blaming Bush. A CAP analysis concludes that 41 percent of the source of increased spending in 2009 is attributable to the financial rescues begun by Bush.
CAP, the Center for American Progress, is a Progressive group, I am sure their analysis is completely unbiased.  The financial rescues begun by Bush were carried out by President Barack Obama, he was under no obligation to continue those policies.  Still he claims to have rescued us from the brink of eternal damnation or something because he bailed out the banks.  Now, how did he bail out those banks, with Monopoly money?  Well maybe they think it was Monopoly money but it was money from those darned financial rescues begun by Bush.

Here is the clip of Senator McCain sharing his "Blame it on Bush" comment with Senator Graham.   He made a similar comment later on Hannity, out loud for all to hear as well:
"What we're hearing tonight is 'BIOB' -- let's call it that from now on. Blame it on Bush. Whatever has gone wrong, let's blame it on Bush. I think the people of Massachusetts last Tuesday pretty well rejected that line of conversation."

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