Thursday, January 28, 2010

MSNBC Admits Shuster's Tweets "Inapproriate"

Politico reports though the network appears somewhat obsessed with covering the story of James O'Keefe's arrest, David Shuster has indeed crossed a line when he used his twitter account to attack O'Keefe:
Just before leaving for New Orleans to cover the story, Shuster used a Twitter message to tell conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe — one of the four men arrested by the FBI — that he’s “not a journalist,” that he “intended to tap phones” and that he “will go to prison.”

“The comments were inappropriate,” an MSNBC spokesperson told POLITICO Thursday. “We have talked to David about them.”

Inappropriate isn't exactly the word I would use to describe Shuster or his ridiculous attacks on conservatives on Twitter.  When I first opened a twitter account, Shuster called me a wingnut during one his attacks on people opposed to gay marriage.  I pointed out the President was opposed to gay marriage and asked if he was calling the President a "wingnut."    Shuster responded with, "It's an accurate description of the illogical arguments we sometimes hear from the right wing. So, get used to it. "wing nut."

Shuster has since deleted his response to me though I have saved a copy. I have to wonder how many others he has deleted.  Shuster was suspended from MSNBC in 2008 after characterizing Chelsea Clinton's activities while campaigning for her mother as being "pimped out in a weird sort of way."  As the Washington Post article points out, it is a wonder he has any career at all:
In case there was any doubt, using a prostitution metaphor for the daughter of a presidential candidate is not a good career move.
 Despite his history and inappropriate twitter comments, Shuster is reporting on the O'Keefe arrest from New Orleans.  How seriously should we take his reports on this subject?  The answer lies in Shuster's credibility to report the facts without bias.

Anyone believe Shuster doesn't have a horse in the race?

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