Monday, January 25, 2010

What's Blanche Lincoln's Big Announcement

Blanche Lincon on twitter:
Stay tuned for an important campaign announcement tomorrow morning.
Is this a retirement announcement?
Arkansas Blog H/T Hot Air
 A well-known Washington insider has been telling Arkies this weekend that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is trying to talk Sen. Blanche Lincoln out of running for re-election.

That would open the door for a Wes Clark candidacy. And U.S. Rep. Mike Ross would be in the race in a heartbeat. Then comes a deluge of candidates in the 4th District. Forget for a moment what a Boozman candidacy does for the House of Dominoes on the Republican side from Senate down.
The Left leaning Swing State Project comments on Boozman:
 Mason-Dixon takes a first look at the Arkansas Senate race (on behalf of the Arkansas News Bureau), and while the results are still pretty ugly, they're not as bad as some other pollsters have seen it -- to the extent that there's actually a path to victory for Lincoln. Not that it's really in her control: she just needs to hope that the GOP manages to nominate one of the seven dwarves populating the GOP field, instead of the somewhat more appealing state Sen. Gilbert Baker (who leads her by 4)... or more ominously, that Rep. John Boozman doesn't decide to get into the race, at which point the game would likely be over. 
NWA online's
 John Boozman will win the U.S. Senate race if he chooses to get in. I believe he’ll get in.
Personally I hope she stays in to face the voters she sold down the pike with her vote on health care but Wesley Clark doesn't have me quaking in my boots regardless.  

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