Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook Rolling out the Latest Changes

Facebook is evidently rolling out a few major changes that have been in the works. I mistakenly believed it might be for this reason my account has been inaccessible for almost a full day. Unfortunately, it appears my page is experiencing a "temporary display problem" according to Facebook support and they could offer no timeline when that might be resolved. Perhaps sometime in the forseeable future I will be able to see both my page and whatever changes Facebook has in store this time. It appears there will be quite a few changes:

Most obviously, the top menu bar has gotten an overhaul that moves the search box front-and-center, and puts notifications to the top-lefthand corner, next to the Facebook logo. The left hand navigation menu has also been redesigned, adding bookmarks and a chat list, as well as links for messages, events, games, and apps. The photo uploader has also been rebuilt from scratch to offer better options and performance.
There  are quite a few screen shots of the new Facebook layout at the link above.  In other tech related news
Ft. Hard Knox has this SEO video featured on their site along with an interesting post on the growing importance of blogs.

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  1. Oh good heaven. Not again! Fortunately, no change for me yet.


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