Saturday, February 6, 2010

FMJRA Roundup: Snopocalypse Edition

If you're snowbound this weekend there are lots of great blog posts to keep you reading.   These cover a wide array of topics and vary widely in length.  I continue to be amazed at the quality of coverage my fellow bloggers turn out time and time again.  Here is some of their best:

Adrienne's Corner is asking for prayers for her blogging buddy RightKlik who lost both a father and grandmother in a week.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and bless Adrienne for her thoughtful concern for her friend.

Donald Douglas of American Power has been out covering some great events.  Last week he covered a big Michelle Bachmann rally while this week he covered a Newt Gingrich lecture and book signing.  He always posts great pictures on his blog and I love that he posted a Clash video and remembered that I said I liked "Train in Vain" ages ago.   That amazed me, thank you.

Amusing Bunni and Backyard Conservative, Illinois residents both,  have been covering the Chicago pols in the aftermath of the Illinois election.  They provide a perspective that is often missing when the blogger or analyst isn't there to capture the local flavor and nuance.  There are so many Chicago connections in this administration so the elections there are particularly interesting.

Speaking of local flavor, Pat in Shreveport has the Super Bowl perspective from Louisiana.  There's lots of excitement in  "Who Dat" Nation.  Caught him with a Corn Dog is humming "Oh when the Saints..."

Dave, a fellow Lost fan, who blogs At the Point of a Gun has some mood music for those in the path of the Snow Monster.

Bride of Rove cues into the subtle digs and slams in, what might appear to the untrained eye, a positive piece on the Tea Party movement and one of its members by NPR.   We are so accustomed to the blatantly disparaging coverage of anything conservative by this media, the subtle bias gets a complete pass.

Carol's Closet covered the case of the disappearing budget story.    There is no room for tolerance of an unflattering story in this administration who has the ability to make those negative stories disappear.

DaTechGuy  wonders if the whole damn network is on medical marijuana.  Three guesses which network he is referring to.

Fishersville Mike finds a good excuse to post the trailer from "Weekend at Bernie's"  This may be the best metaphor for the status of health care I have seen yet.

Legal Insurrection puts the Senator Shelby scandal in its proper perspective.

Maggie's Notebook posts on the Tea Party perspective on a nominee for 2012.  The convention in Nashville this weekend has the MSNBC talking heads just drooling hoping for some bit of news from Sarah Palin they can skew to distract from the disastrous state of the Obama presidency.   Mako Snark puts the MSNBC insanity in its proper perspective.

My Voice on the Wings of Change has a feisty retort to liberals who can't make up their mind whether they want diversity or just the ability to "scream" about lack of diversity when it suits their purposes.

Nice Deb  has the photo catch of the day.  Good stuff.

No Sheeples has seen the "Blob" and he has a problem with women.  Run for the hills.

Obi's Sister  is tired of watching paint dry and has launched a blogosphere snowball fight.   There is plenty of imagination and humorous takes on the coming snowpocalypse, Pundette  covers the build up to the looming storm.

Speaking of humor and imagination, Detective Paco  has penned a detective story.  It's a masterpiece and sure to entertain the snowbound.  The Camp of the Saints was inspired to create the cover art, well done you two.

Reaganite Republican has your right winged TGIF funnies, great stuff as always.

The Daley Gator  honored me with blog of the day last week, which I truly appreciate.  One of the benefits of the honor was The Washington Rebel linked me as well.  Washington Rebel has written a piece on the importance of character and notes we may be in dire need of better Americans.  To be sure, some of our worst politicians are merely feeding into a growing group of citizens who prefer to have someone else carry their load because they are somehow entitled.  The politics of populism always fails because it feeds on envy and several other of the deadly sins.

POWIP has a piece that expands on the wrath of the deadly sins in our culture.  A young girl was hounded to her grave by a culture that promotes mean girls who feel entitled to mercilessly torment anyone who has something  they don't.

The Other McCain  is reporting from Alabama and stumbled on a story he hadn't intended to cover.  Dan Riehl  thinks the right should either air it or debunk it, we don't need a scandal in this important election year.

Wyblog puts the Michael Steele comment that a million dollars is not a lot of money in perspective.  This is one the left will wrap their arms around whether Steele deserves it or not.

The Troglopundit knows a good joke when he sees one.  "Well it certainly made me smile."

That's a wrap, just in time too.  The snow is coming down heavy duty right now.


  1. hiya ruby. you're a doll! thanks for the linky love!

  2. Hi,
    You're welcome. Your Vanity Fair post was great.

  3. Thanks for the link! While you're digging out I'm sitting here high and dry. No snow. :-(

  4. I can't believe you have no snow, we have about 20 inches. You were on some kind of charmed path or something.

  5. We got all our snow last year. This year - nada and I am sooooooo grateful.

    Thanks for the link. I really meant to link to your post and lost my focus - which happens often when you have ADD. Sigh

    I'll get on that as soon as I return from church...

  6. Don't worry Adrienne, I am just glad you stopped by. I really like your design blog too. I will have to give a link to that in the future.


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