Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CBO Score Rumored to be Over $1 Trillion

As Allahpundit says, this is too good to check.  Rep. Joe Barton is making news on Facebook:

health care issue is still up in the air.....the Congressional budget office score has come in at over 1 trillion $..yes .....1 trillion......if the bill is not posted by 6 pm today< we cant vote on it saturday...stay tuned
The actual score should be out soon  but if it is over a trillion Pelosi is going to have a rough time getting more votes if the whip count is close as it appears to be right now.

Meanwhile ( via Memeorandum), the folks at the CBO have had enough of 100+ hours work weeks:
CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told House Appropriations Legislative subcommittee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) that his staff has been working “100-hour weeks” and cannot keep up with the budgetary and economic impact queries lawmakers have about health care.

“Analysis of competing health care proposals absorbed a huge share of the agency’s resources, and CBO analysts in that area have worked flat out for more than a year,” Elmendorf said today. “…Considerable congressional interest in analysis of health care issues is likely to persist and …the almost round-the-clock schedule maintained this past year by CBO’s current staff cannot be maintained much longer.”
Mark Levin has a lawsuit ready to go if ObamaCare passes by the Slaughter Solution.  I am still praying it doesn't come to that.  Megan Kelly interviews Prof. Michael McConnell on the constitutionality of Slaughter's rule:

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