Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pay No Attention to What is Behind Those CBO Scores

Democrats are "giddy" with a preliminary CBO analysis showing a $940 billion dollar price tag for the latest incarnation of health care "reform."  They've seen the Wizard and it sure looks real to them.  Pay no attention to the fact that the entire cost of the bill comes in the last 6 year while there are a few years of taxes built in before the benefits actually kick in.  I believe this has been referred to as a "scheme worthy of Bernie Madoff," by Congressman Paul Ryan.  In fact most of the same tricks used to create the last illusion of deficit reductions and a price tag under the magic trillion dollar mark are at work here. This is nothing more than the same garbage in/garbage out that we've seen all along.

Pay no attention to the fact we haven't actually seen the legislation and what ingredients went into cooking up the latest scheme.  We have a pretty good idea what may be in store though and it isn't pretty.  You can rest assured they will hold off showing the goodies in store for you in this bill as long as possible.  In addition to  shafting senior citizens and the pharmaceutical industry, there are lots and lots of taxes for the rest of us.  Taxes on wheelchairs, taxes on dentistry, taxes on your trip to the tanning salon are already built in the Senate bill.  To stave off taxes to their cronies in the union and their cadillac health insurance plans for a year or so, Democrats will have to begin taxing investment income like payroll.  That ought to do wonders for the economy.  

Democrats don't want us, or more importantly, those who will have to walk the plank to save Obama's presidency, to focus on what they needed to do in order to get the magic number.  They want everyone to feel the "fauxmentum" building for the inevitability of ObamaCare.  At least two potential votes for this fiasco aren't buying it, however.  Fauxmentum has turned to "nomentum" for Rep Stephen Lynch (D- MA) and Rep. Michael Acuri (D -NY).   Clearly they have seen enough of what's behind the curtain.  There is still hope for others, call them and tell them to peel back the curtain.

More on this at Memeorandum


  1. I wish they were "giddy" enough to jump right through a window like the Cowardly Lion.

  2. LOL, I am sorry I missed this comment. We should be so lucky.


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