Monday, March 15, 2010

Scenes From the Kabuki Road Show

Fainting at the sight of the One:
"Just give him some space," Obama said, before resuming his speech."  Would that Obama gave such consideration to the Democrats who are proving to be  tough to twist.

Michelle Malkin notes the absence of Rep John Boccieri at Obama's latest stop in the Kabuki road show.   Michelle rightly notes the deliberate effort to distance Boccieri from Obama.  I do not necessarily think this is a good thing.  In recent days Boccieri announced he was undecided on how he would vote despite having voted against it in the fall.  If Boccieri were still in need of persuasion, he would likely have been there just as Dennis Kucinich was expected to be.  Obama repeatedly called attention to Kucinich and his stance against the reform, bully much?

The same thing happened last week in Philadelphia with my own Congressman Patrick Murphy.   Though Murphy is often mentioned on persuadable lists, anyone who has paid attention to Murphy's record would know that Murphy's only allegiance is to the Democratic agenda.   Murphy stayed away last week because he is facing a much tougher re-election than he had anticipated and much like Boccieri staying away at least helps perpetuate the image of independence.   Rep John Adler (NJ) was brought in for the Kabuki in PA so he is likely leaning no.   I suspect Boccieri must have been a spare vote Pelosi had up her sleeves in the last go round.

There are a few positives though.  Ace captures the "Nomentum, " noting four who can be counted as pretty solid no's:  Rep. Driehaus(OH), Rep. Ellsworth (IN), Rep. Chris Carney(PA), and Rep. Nye (VA)

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