Monday, March 15, 2010

"The Washington Way"

Paul Ryan's opening statement from the today's reconciliation markup session. This is 8 minutes of Ryan laying it all on the line as we've come to expect from him in this debate. Ryan notes there is one man who necessitated the process begun today and that man was Scott Brown. Without his election the Democrats had two choices, set the reset button and begin again or continue on their partisan path throwing caution and the Constitution to the wind. In short, Ryan declares the Democrats can't pass health care the "normal" way so they chose to go the "Washington Way."

One thing you will notice if you watch, there is a real buffoon seated behind Ryan with a bandaid smack in the center of his forehead. I have no idea who this was but his face making had all the charm of an out of control two-year old in need of a time out. The person operating the camera had the sense to switch the angle after two minutes of this stupidity. Anyone know who that might be? Regardless, Ryan's message is powerful. I am awfully glad he is on our side.

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