Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sen. Byrd Boasts he Stopped President Clinton From Using Reconciliation

Darn that Al Gore and his internet. Dems sure have said a lot of damning things about reconciliation that miraculously, through the magic of the internet, tend to resurface just in time to bite them on their backsides. This is one of those videos I am sure Democrats are likely to regret. Senator Byrd will likely issue some kind of clarifying statement reminding us they aren't really using reconciliation to pass health care because the bill already passed on Christmas Eve without it.

Meanwhile, Hill Buzz is wondering if we can demand proof of life on the old Byrd yet. Maybe we can get the same folks who analyze Osama's tapes to take a look at Byrd's statements, writings, etc., to prove they are coming from him. Like Osama, we're certain Byrd is still alive. A certain Billy Joel song reminds us why. Still, it would be nice to know if Byrd is reasonably functional these days and lucid enough to cast a vote. One thing is for certain, it is most definitely Senator Byrd bragging in the following video that he single-handedly stopped President Clinton from using reconciliation to pass his health care travesty.

Via Memeorandum

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