Thursday, April 22, 2010

Action Alert from the PA Chapter of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Save Arlen Specter

The Other McCain has called upon loyal members of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the VRWC to unite in order to insure the victory of "geriatric crapweasel" Arlen Specter in the forthcoming Democratic primary for the US Senate. As McCain notes, there is good reason to be concerned the Specter spectre may be fading prematurely. A recent Rasmussen poll shows Sestak within two points of Specter with a full 10% still undecided. Though Rasmussen's poll might appear to be an outlier Margin of Error blogger Harry Joe Enten took a look at PA polling from previous elections and suggests other pollsters may be playing catch up to Rasmussen:
I would not dismiss Rasmussen out of hand. A little dip into the polling archive reveals that a Quinnipiac poll taken around this time for the 2004 Republican Senate Primary had then Republican Specter leading Pat Toomey by 15%. A Quinnipiac poll taken only two weeks later had Specter up by only 5%. He would go on to win by only 2%. So maybe it will be the other pollsters playing catchup to Rasmussen... Only time will tell.
While time will surely tell, Pennsylvania is running short of that commodity with the primaries scheduled to take place May 18th.  It is critical Snarlin Arlen is snatched from the jaws of defeat for the sole purpose that he lives to fight and lose another day, November 2, 2010..  Ruby Slippers has been able to obtain the secret minutes from the most recent meeting of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the VRWC.  The minutes contain a series of talking points that offer members specific guidelines for convincing their Democratic friends and neighbors why they should embrace Specter in the Democratic primary:
  • Specter didn't defect to the Democratic party, he merely returned to his natural home.  VRWC members consider their relationship with Specter a painful tale of unrequited love.  Members so loved Arlen and his many, many, many years of government experience we set him free. Alas he didn't come back to us, now he is YOURS.  We're jealous but forgiving.  Seriously we are.
  • Arlen really does respect women.  That whole thing with Michelle Bachmann was, well - you know -because it was Michelle Bachmann.  (Note:  for added effect it is suggested members roll their eyes when saying the name Michelle Bachmann.  Liberals can't resist the opportunity to whine about Bachmann.  This will give a moment of solidarity with your mark liberal Democratic friend or neighbor. ) 
  • Arlen has been truly devoted to his long-lost loves, the Democrats.  He went along without question for the whole shinola sandwich, health care, stimulus, porkulus and he would surely support cap and trade and card check.  Shouldn't Arlen be rewarded for his loyalty?   Come on you owe this guy, he paved the way for a filibuster proof Senate remember?
  • Why should West Virginians have all the fun watching their aging crapweasel get wheeled in at the last minute to cast the necessary vote for some long-awaited legacy of the Democrats to be fulfilled?  Come on, you know you envied those West Virginians who sat back smugly knowing their crapweasel would arrive in time to save the day.  There is certain truth to that old Billy Joel song after all.  
The last point is Arlen's big selling point, he'll show up to cast that final vote come hell or high water.  Sestak - not so much. Join RS McCain and the Pennsylvania chapter of the VRWC in fighting to give the Democrats in Pennsylvania the candidate they truly deserve.  Feel free to repost this video and use the secret talking points freely.  Beating Joe Sestak wouldn't be nearly as much fun as delivering the knock out punch to Snarlin' Arlen in November.  At least we know Arlen would show up:


  1. As a resident of Pa I am behind Pat Toomey 100% and would love to help deliver a knock out punch to Specter in November.

  2. Amen Teresa, Democrats owe us the chance to have our say on Arlen in November. Enough of them already ran from the public that elected them by retiring but Arlen above all needs to face the voters.


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