Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kathleen Sebelius Clueless on Costs for High-Risk Pools

Naked Emperor News has a clip from Kathleen Sebelius' testimony before the Appropriations Committee yesterday. Sebelius has been given enormous power under the new health care legislation. Given her enormous involvement in the health care legislation process, there is no excuse for her to be unable to justify and explain all aspects of the legislation particularly the costs used to justify the whole sham as deficit neutral.

The provision of the legislation that guarantees coverage for high-risk citizens has been widely touted as a key feature of the bill. That Sebelius has absolutely no clue what such coverage will cost or any idea how many will need to be covered reveals how shaky are the underpinnings of the entire cost analysis of the bill. Yet here we see the most powerful HHS Secretary admit the administration has no idea how much high risk pools will cost nor can she explain why the money appropriated will not even make it to 2012 when the pools are not scheduled to be operational until 2014. Audacity:

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