Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools: Obama the Promise Keeper

Via Hot Air

The NRSC hails Obama the promise keeper in this April Fools day ad. If you read some of the comments on the video at Hot Air some suggest this would have been better had they cut the ad immediately after the April Fools line. I guess that is a matter of artistic preference. I think it is quite effective personally including the sarcastic reminder from the campaign that Hillary was among the first to see through Obama.  Foreshadowing what was to come when Obama was elected, the Clintons were painted racists for pointing out the Emperor had no clothes.  We certainly know use of  that tactic is one "promise" from the Obama campaign that has been kept.

This ad gives us a hint what Obama has in store for him come 2012. Never has one been elected to the highest office in the land with so little scrutiny and yet promised so much. Obama has left a long trail of broken promises which will be fodder for more ads between now and 2012. First stop, we must hold his minions in the Legislative branch accountable for aiding and abetting Obama as he breaks every absurd campaign promise he ever made.

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