Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PA12 Tim Burns Interviewed on Hannity

Only three weeks to go before the crucial election to fill John Murtha's seat in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional district.  Those who wish to help this great candidate can volunteer via his website.   I have been informed the campaign is in need of volunteers to make phone calls from home.  With so little time to go before this election, it's time for all hands on deck to ensure a win on May 18th.

Burns made an appearance on Hannity last night and delivered a fine performance.  Those who recall the polling information I posted Sunday will be able to detect a few key points made by Burns in the interview.  It's the businessman vs the bureaucrat and the Democrat Mark Critz is on the wrong end of that equation.  Tucker Carlson, who was filling in for Hannity, ended the interview by calling Burns the "canary in the coal mine."  Carlson concluded, "this race will tell us a lot about how the midterms will go."  Carlson is correct, this is a must-win election.  Sarah Palin agrees, in her endorsement of Burns she writes:
It’s been said many times this year that America is at a crossroads, and the decision we make in November will decide the course of our children’s future. The choice in Pennsylvania’s 12th district couldn’t be more obvious. Let’s send the job-creator to Washington to get this economy moving again.
Personally, I have seen enough of the crossroads and I am just about at the end of my yellow brick road.  It's time to get the heck out of Oz.

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