Thursday, May 20, 2010

Media Gunning for Rand Paul

Since Obama is 0 for 4 campaigning for candidates in key elections, Rand Paul has decided to invite Obama to come campaign for his Democratic opponent in Kentucky's Senate race. Paul may as well get his licks in because the ObamaMedia is gunning for him. Look at the growing thread on Memeorandum, nearly all the usual suspects have taken it on themselves to create an impression Paul is a racist. That's original.

The left-wing media machine suspects that Paul may be vulnerable in the general election and are doing their level best to take him down early.  Anyone recall that sort of treatment being directed towards the man who now resides at Pennsylvania Avenue?  I don't.  Paul, who has been designated the "tea party" candidate will be painted with the same racist brush the media reserves for anything that falls to the right of David Brooks.  Althouse suspects the left may be terrified of Paul.  Perhaps they are.  Paul is decidedly unafraid of Obama and his agenda, however.  Both are incredibly unpopular in Kentucky which is why Paul should invite the Obama administration into every discussion.  What better way to start his campaign than inviting the President to come on down to work that campaign magic of his in Kentucky:

1 comment:

  1. Aren't we over being intimidated by the race card? Just ignore it.


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