Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pelosi not afraid a House will fall on her in November

"Bring it on," was The Hill's summary of Pelosi's message for Republicans this fall.  Pelosi seems particularly emboldened since the Democrats were able to retain John Murtha's seat on Tuesday:

Pelosi, who was very close with Murtha, said Republicans once again tried to nationalize an election by way of an “anti-Obama, anti-Pelosi” message.
“It didn’t work,” Pelosi said, calling the strategy Republicans have employed regularly in recent years “predictable.”
Asked about House Minority Leader John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) recent claim that there are 100 House seats in play, Pelosi responded, “Let him think that.”
She said there are “more than 200” House Democrats who will be reelected “easily,” but cautioned that she never underestimates her opponents. 
Pelosi is clearly happy and relieved that former Murtha aide Mark Critz will replace his old boss. Throughout The Hill’s interview, Pelosi laughed, cracked some jokes and even teased her questioners.
Personally, I hope she gives interviews like this every day between now and November 2.  Boehner helped set expectations for November unreasonably high.  If Republicans retook the House with a win of 40 seats it would be characterized as failure given his absurd prediction.  Pelosi's taunts should motivate us to work morning, noon and night to make sure we hit the magic number that will drop a house on a witch this fall.  If we pick up a single seat beyond that it is gravy.

The Hill did its' part to contribute to the media "anti-incumbent" meme that carefully ignores a mood that urges Democrats to run away from Obama and his agenda in droves.  Pelosi gleefully plays along:

“I’m kind of anti-incumbent myself, as a matter of fact, depending on who you’re talking about.”
 She proudly notes how much time she invests in protecting the House Democratic Caucus, whether it’s legislating or fundraising or making the case that voters should trust Democrats far more than Republicans.
Fear motivates the Speaker — specifically, the fear of reverting to minority status.
While acknowledging that Republicans are hungry to return to power in the nation’s capital, Pelosi said, “We certainly were [hungry in the minority.] I remember it well.”
Despite some predictions of a huge GOP wave this fall, Pelosi says it’s not going to happen: “One thing I know for sure is that Democrats will retain their majority in the House of Representatives.”
We'll just see about that Madame Speaker.   I hope Pelosi's prediction is hung over the desks in every GOP campaign office in the country.

Via Memeorandum

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  1. I know I'm being a bit Chicken Little about this, but why is she so confident? And I keep hearing her confidently asserting that she'd have the votes to pass HCR when we all thought she was nuts. I can't help but wonder if she knows something we don't.


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