Sunday, May 2, 2010

Times Square Bomb Scare

AP's latest report does not include details of the NYPD press conference that concluded moments ago. Details from the presser indicate the investigation of a suspicious vehicle containing elements necessary to create a car bomb are already well underway. Mayor Bloomberg indicated the potential car bomb was amateurish though it contained 3 propane tanks, two timing elements, wiring and gasoline which indicates it may be slightly more sophisticated. An alert street vendor noticed the suspicious vehicle and stopped a mounted policeman to inform him of the car. The police then contacted the bomb squad who were able to avoid a disaster capable of killing hundreds in the crowded area on a warm Spring night. The press conference revealed the vehicle has already been identified on surveillance tapes. The suspect fled the vehicle but has not yet been identified.

Will update with more information as it becomes available. Here is a reel of videos related to the incident for those who missed earlier coverage.

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