Monday, May 3, 2010


Via Breitbart:

Police released video of the potential suspect in the Times Square car bomb attempt. Potluck has a lot of interesting information on the event. Potluck blogger Retriever was in New York at the time.

Plus -  Reluctant hero is wary of the press after having his words twisted in recent years.  It seems to me the reluctant hero is also quite astute.  Side note, what's the over/under the person who wrote this comment is a liberal?  Aside from reporting his observations, the t-shirt vendor is also a Vietnam Vet.  Doesn't that qualify as heroic?

Speaking of liberals, left-wing bloggers were aghast yesterday the right were assuming this an act of terrorism.     It seemed more likely this was the act of some fringe person acting on his own accord.  Funny how that same logic doesn't seem to apply to anyone with an outrageous sign at a Tea Party event isn't it?

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