Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heckling Nancy

First an overview of how out of hand the heckling got when Nancy Pelosi spoke at America's Future Now Conference. After spending a few minutes attempting to understand what the hecklers were chanting, Pelosi is advised by an aid that they should leave as protesters were "throwing stuff."

The hecklers were attacking Pelosi for not being far enough to the left to suit their tastes. The RightScoop has video of a portion of the protest where a group of Code Pink loons are paying homage to Helen Thomas, I presume holding a sign that reads "Stop Funding Israel Terror."  The second group protesting created a bizarre scene according to The Washington Post:
"I'm not going to leave," Pelosi said to the audience of several hundred leaders of the progressive movement. "I'm going to deliver my speech. . . . I am going to make my speech over your voices."

The protesters, wearing orange shirts and chanting "Our homes, not nursing homes," did not let up until Pelosi finished her address and left the stage with security guards. The protesters said they were members of ADAPT, an activist group that advocates for disability rights and is fighting for passage of the Community Choice Act. The bill was introduced by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) in 2009 but has not advanced out of the Finance Committee. In the House, a similar measure remains in the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

The act would allow those who are eligible for care in a nursing home to instead receive similar care in their own homes through community-assisted living.

Many of the protesters were in wheelchairs or otherwise disabled, and they held up banners. One protester shouted at Pelosi: "We supported Obama. We supported you. We supported the campaign . . . But we don't want to be taken from our homes."
I don't know who they think would do more for their cause than Pelosi.  This group seems to be under the impression there will be money left to care for them in nursing homes though they prefer a community-assisted living program.  I am not familiar with the legislation these activists support but it is clear that the left will not be happy unless Obama/Pelosi take the country way over the left-wing cliff:
The left has a message for Barack Obama: Shape up, or we’re shipping out.

A high-profile conclave of progressives, which served as a platform for supporting Obama in years past, opened in Washington on Monday amid growing disenchantment with the president over the Gulf oil spill, health care, jobs, immigration and political deal cutting.

Liberal activists warned that Obama can no longer count on a progressive base that was supposed to protect Democrats from a mass wipeout in the midterms in 2010 and propel him to reelection in 2012.
Let's hope they are serious and carry through on that last threat.

Here is the video of the heckler shouting at Pelosi over health care:

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  1. I love how she tried to listen to the hecklers and kept saying "I hear you." Do you think she'd be that "open" to a conservative heckler or would she starts sniveling and fake crying about how she fears violence (from people who do NOT throw things at her, btw) or perhaps strutting around with an evil cackle and a giant gavel? I found this whole "show" completely revolting. It just highlights how partisan and shameless progressives are.


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