Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama: Don't go blaming other people now

Hot Air has this ironic video clip posted of a speech Obama gave at Kalamazoo Central High School's graduation. Nothing said here is beyond the scope or even entirely appropriate for a high school graduation. Nevertheless, everything seems loaded with irony given who the speaker is. Imagine Barack Obama telling a room full of students to avoid the quick fix in life, the importance of paying your dues etc., etc. Nearly a third of the way through, however, Obama lectures the students on avoiding pointing fingers and shifting blame. Was it me or do I detect a round of applause from students who find the message ironic as well. There was one student who misses all the irony and chooses to take a nap instead. Look for his bobbing and weaving head in the upper right corner of the video near the end. That was the perfect ending:


  1. I love the kid going to sleep!

  2. He's so funny, I LOL every time I watch him. He does exactly what I feel like doing every time I watch Obama.

  3. This is hilarious. Those poor kids...they "won" a visit from obummer, ewww, what did the losers get?

  4. I guess the losers got Pelosi. I was just trying to post the video of Pelosi being heckled from Helen Thomas types. Maybe that would have at least kept this poor kid awake though

  5. Best laugh of the week. This kid's 15 seconds of fame, and most of the country knows just how he feels. He'll end up in the history books someday.


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