Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oops, looks like the Gulf is Obama's Katrina

Louisianans polled by left-leaning pollster PPP answer the lingering question, is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill Obama's Katrina yet:
Our new Louisiana poll has a lot of data points to show how unhappy voters in the state are with Barack Obama's handling of the oil spill but one perhaps sums it up better than anything else- a majority of voters there think George W. Bush did a better job with Katrina than Obama's done dealing with the spill.

50% of voters in the state, even including 31% of Democrats, give Bush higher marks on that question compared to 35% who pick Obama.

Overall only 32% of Louisianans approve of how Obama has handled the spill to 62% who disapprove. 34% of those polled say they approved of how Bush dealt with Katrina to 58% who disapproved.
 Brutal, just brutal.   Perhaps another speech, scheduled to start any second now will cure Obama's Louisiana blues though I tend to doubt it.    There was one winner according to the poll, you can see the newly crowned king of the approval polls in action here. 

Live blogging the speech (aka misery loves company) over at Potluck.

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