Monday, July 12, 2010

Documentary Charges Obama Stole Nomination From Hillary

Via Breitbart
Interesting that questions of legitimacy in Obama's nomination over Hillary Clinton are bubbling to the surface now that Obama's presidency appears to be unraveling. None of the allegations in the video embedded below are new. In fact all four parts of the documentary detailing instances of fraud and voter intimidation in the Democratic caucuses have been online for some time.  (See  Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4)  Of course, now that the DOJ whistle blower has called attention to the purposeful mismanagement of the Black Panther case, allegations of voter intimidation leading to the nomination of Obama would naturally be reexamined.  The question is whether the reemerging charges gain any traction at this time.

Allegations of credit card fraud perpetrated by the Obama campaign have gone nowhere after Obama's election just as Mark Steyn predicted in October 2008:
On the grubby little racket of his online credit card fraud, Senator Obama merely has to run out the clock now. If it’s not exposed before Tuesday, no one is going to have any appetite for investigating it once he’s won. 
His history of the ends-justify-the-means tactics was largely ignored as well.  Now that the public has witnessed a President who would use any means possible to pass health care legislation against the will of the people, will Obama's long history of Chicago-style politics finally find its way to the mainstream American psyche?  Fox News will have to beat a steady drum to force the DNC to finally answer the charges made by the Democrats seen in the video below.  Should Fox succeed in beating the drum loud enough there may now be enough disaffected moderates to hear the message.


  1. Hi Mary Sue! This is outrageous. We all are posting about this today, it seems. GMTA. I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

  2. And Bush didn't steal the Presidency from what's his name?

    With so many Public Relations firms managing the outcomes of elections in America, only those with the best B.S. Public Relations firms will win.

    What's a Candidate to do?

    Cheat, of course.



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