Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Latest Quinnipiac poll explains Congressman Murphy's opposition to Arizona lawsuit

Well, this explains Patrick Murphy's (D, PA-08) sudden reluctance to march-in-step with the Obama administration's war on Arizona. Quinnipiac's latest survey of Pennsylvania voters finds broad support for enforcement as well as opposition to Obama's lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law:
On immigration, Pennsylvania voters say 72 - 21 percent that reform should move more in the direction of stricter enforcement rather than integration of illegal immigrants into American society. And by 44 - 39 percent they do not think the Arizona law will lead to discrimination against Hispanics.

"Pennsylvanians like the Arizona law and don't like President Obama's decision to ask the courts to throw it out. In fact, a plurality would like to see a similar law in their own state," said Brown.
Murphy's re-election, after years of embracing the Obama/Pelosi agenda wholeheartedly is far from a sure thing.  Suddenly Murphy finds he is supposed to represent his constituents and not his political party:
— It was U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy's first time voting as a member of the highly coveted Appropriations Committee, and he did not obediently march in step.

Democrat Murphy joined the Republicans in support of an amendment that would have barred the Obama administration from using federal funds to sue Arizona over its anti-illegal immigration laws.

Murphy, who represents Bucks County, was the only Democrat to break ranks. The vote came June 29 at a committee meeting. Murphy alerted the public afterward in a news release. His suburban Philadelphia district has elected both Republicans and Democrats.

"There's no doubt I've ruffled some feathers, but I ran on this issue … I ran to support and defend the Constitution," Murphy said in a recent phone interview. "I work for the people and the district, not a political party."
 If Congressman Murphy actually ruffled a few feathers in taking a rare departure from his spot on Speaker Pelosi's lap I will be shocked.    No doubt that Murphy's first vote from his coveted seat on the Appropriations Committee was orchestrated to paint him as a party maverick or something.  His votes for cap and trade, health care and 97% of the rest of the Pelosi agenda speaks otherwise.

 Kyle Whatley, spokesperson for Mike Fitzpatrick, noted the rare agreement between Congressman Murphy and his challenger Mike Fitzpatrick, "We only wish he had used better judgment in the vast majority of his previous votes."   Yes, we do indeed wish Murphy had used better judgment in his previous votes.  Too bad it takes a serious challenge to Murphy's re-election to heighten the Congressman's awareness he has constituents.


  1. Too little, too late Mr Murphy!

  2. You must be kidding people. You already voted Fitzpatrick out. Remember you are mad at Congress for not getting us out of the mess we are in fast enough. You seem to have a short memory as to who got us into this mess. Look at Fitzpatrick's voting record, look at what he wasn't able to achieve for the Area.

    Now look at what Murphy has done for our area, plus he just got named to the Appropriations Committee. You really want to give up that kind of local clout.

    I really am amazed at the short term memory problem people have. But things might look up I hear they are working on a cure for Alzheimer's and it's looking promising.


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