Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cook Political shifts 10 House races to the right including #PA08

Via Jim Geraghty
Cook Political Report notes a big ole shift to the right in 10 House races:
With today’s ratings changes in 10 House districts, The Cook Political Report is now raising its House forecast from a Republican net gain of between 32 and 42 seats to a gain of between 35 and 45 seats, with the odds of an outcome larger than that range greater than the odds of a lesser outcome. A turnover of 39 seats would tip majority status into Republican hands.

Here are the races moved a step to the right today:
TENNESSEE | District 4: Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat (8/17/10)
SOUTH DAKOTA | District AL: Lean Democrat to Toss Up (8/17/10)
PENNSYLVANIA | District 10: Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat (8/17/10)
PENNSYLVANIA | District 8: Lean Democrat to Toss Up (8/17/10)
OHIO | District 16: Lean Democrat to Toss Up (8/17/10)
ILLINOIS | District 11: Lean Democrat to Toss Up (8/17/10)
IOWA | District 3: Lean Democrat to Toss Up (8/17/10)
GEORGIA | District 8: Likely Democrat to Toss Up (8/17/10)
FLORIDA | District 2: Lean Democrat to Toss Up (8/17/10)
CALIFORNIA | District 47: Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat (8/17/10)


  1. I live in Illinois 11. Latest poll from the Kinzinger camp has him up 10 over Halvorson. If you read the editorials in the paper, the common folk are hammering Halvorson (D) 2 to 1 over supporting. Keep it going, we'll take this one back.

  2. That is great to know. There haven't been any polls released in my district but the the editorials are hammering away at the incumbent Dem Murphy. I suspect the polls must be similar to what you're seeing for this to have been moved to toss up. We're on our way.


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