Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Michelle is Miserable Roundup

Just the sort of news that perks up my dreary day:

Merde, alors Anne Leary takes the scenic route through "Michelle's Private Hell"

Jill notes Michelle's having a hell of a time in that rubber dress while Michelle Obama's Mirror writes Here's where the rubber meets the load.  Ouch!

Political Junkie Mom offers a let her eat cake recipe from Paula Deen for our "stuck in hell" FLOTUS.

That was fast, the Michelle in Hell walkback begins:

Update: Roger L. Simon asks the logical follow-up question: If Michelle hates being first lady, what does her husband think about being POTUS?
Update (10:55 AM PM 9/16/10): Well that didn’t long for the walkback to begin; currently on Drudge: WH: ‘The first lady never said that’…

 And as Karl Rove notes in the Wall Street Journal about the president’s largely self-inflicted domestic woes, “in just 20 months, Mr. Obama has lost control of his presidency’s narrative.” The damage control this morning over the FLOTUS doesn’t help matters.
Walk back or not, you know these two had no idea what they were getting into. Though they love the perks I am sure they would rather sell t-shirts or something.    May their dreams come true in that regard.


  1. This is a funny story, I believe Carla. Of course the hag said that quote. Now they lie and say she didn't,....what she left out one word? BS.

    She looked so ugly and weird in that rubber dress. It will match the rubber room she should live in.

  2. She looks like a tranny in that horrible ill-fitting dress.

  3. She needs a new stylist. It can't be easy dressing a 5' 11" 175 pound frame. At that height her proportions are awkward.

  4. Ha ha, be rude to the French? The Frech are masters of rude. They will get you back.


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