Saturday, October 2, 2010

Greta destroys Gloria Allred

Rarely does Greta go after a guest with both barrels, she reserves it for the truly egregious allegations made by a guest with an obvious motive. For those who missed this tour de force beat down of Gloria Allred, Greta shreds Allred's egregious allegations calling her actions "insane" and "delusional."  Allred's obvious motivation is to tear down hopes for Meg Whitman's election as the next California Governor.  That she would set up a client, "put a neon sign on her back" marking her for deportation to achieve that goal seems outright despicable.  Attorney's should protect their clients but Allred isn't really acting as attorney here she is an activist.  I have seen this a few times already and it doesn't get old.  For those who haven't seen this interview, enjoy:

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  1. You think Allred would have had enough sense to stand down after the Mark Levin beat down on Thursday. But, alas, the Progressive mind is denser than than, well, I guess, uranium. More beat downs for Allred to come - like, probably, disbarment.
    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"


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