Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chock Full of Socialist Nuts

Well, full is a relative term when describing the crowds at the lefty liberalpalooza in DC on Saturday.
Noting that they began planning their rally in April, organizers said they were not responding to a march organized by Glenn Beck, which drew enormous crowds to the front of the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28. But they acknowledged that their hope was to draw an even larger crowd to Saturday’s event.

Significant areas of the National Mall that had been filled during Mr. Beck’s rally were empty. In a broadcast on Thursday, Mr. Beck criticized the liberals’ march, saying his supporters paid their own way to drive to Washington, while labor unions chartered hundreds of buses to ferry demonstrators to Saturday’s rally.
The term socialist nuts, however, not so relative.  It appears to be dead-on accurate in fact:

Just One Minute sizes up the crowds- or lack thereof.

Nice Deb puts it in a nutshell with a nice roundup of coverage.

Legal Insurrection  is looking for a few photos of the loony signs to make an appearance in the legacy media coverage.  Somehow I think he is not holding his breath though.

Donald Douglas outdoes himself with comprehensive coverage of the liberalpalooza lunacy.

The Blogprof points to some remarkable similarities in crowd shots used in CNN's coverage of the "One Nation" rally and the 9/28 Glen Beck rally.  How did they get those crazy tea partiers to dump all their nasty racist signs anyway?

Lots more on Memeorandum

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