Monday, October 4, 2010

Rats can't swim

Rat leaving Patrick Murphy's sinking ship:
Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has chosen Scott Fairchild, the chief of staff for Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.), to manage his campaign for mayor of Chicago, POLITICO has learned.

Fairchild agreed to lead Emanuel's Chicago bid earlier this week, before President Barack Obama's Friday announcement that he was losing his top aide, sources familiar with situation said. He plans to start in Chicago after the Nov. 2 midterm elections.

Considering that Nate Silver Larry Sabato and Real Clear Politics all have Murphy's race leaning Republican, Scott Fairchild must be seeking higher ground. It remains to be seen whether Rahmbo's race is any more seaworthy than Murphy's. For now though, it doesn't appear to be quite as doomed at least.

With Murphy informed, Fairchild will help Rahm as he launches a "listening tour" through Chicago neighborhoods hoping to get honest feedback from Chicagoans about the state of their city.

Rahm's gain appears to be a big loss for the Murphy reelection campaign:
Fairchild has served as Murphy's chief of staff since 2007, after joining his team in May 2006. He does not have any Chicago background, but is credited with leading a skilled get-out-the-vote effort that put Murphy over the top in 2006.

Fairchild is "by far one of the best managers out there," according to Adrienne Elrod, who worked at the DCCC in 2006.

"Scott is extremely competent and is politically savvy in every sense of the word. Like Rahm, he's a fast thinker and mover," said Elrod, who is now Rep. Loretta Sanchez's top aide, when informed of the move. "With Scott's street smarts no stone will go unturned."

Fairchild will be a loss for Murphy, an Iraq war veteran who had a speaking role at the 2008 Democratic Convention in which he introduced military veterans who were running for Congress
All that savvy and he can't save Patrick Murphy's tarnished star, tsk tsk.  Holy Mackerel - or Holy dead Asian carp as it were - it's amazing what passes for talent these days in the Democratic party.

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