Friday, November 5, 2010

Boehner pledges to stop ObamaCare

Via Townhall and Hot Air

Boehner's game plan:
Well, there’s a lot of tricks up our sleeves in terms of how we can dent this, kick it, slow it down to make sure it never happens. And trust me, I’m going to make sure this healthcare bill never ever, ever is implemented.
In a perfect world Obama would have taken the message from Tuesday that was intentionally sent from voters. Scratch that, in a perfect world Obama would have taken Boehner up on his offer to start over before this debacle was made into law: "We told the president down at the Blair House during the seven-hour Obama infomercial that we ought to stop and start over. And we laid out the eight or nine common-sense ideas we had that would bring down the costs of health insurance." The health care system was badly in need of reform.  Had Obama chosen a wiser path and passed something with the support of the Republicans and the country at large, this issue would be resolved.

Obama and the train-wreck Congress we know as the 111th had ants in their pants, they couldn't do the right thing and start over.  Now Obama is acknowledging his law could do with a tweak while Republicans and a wide swathe of voters want to repeal and replace.  Brett Baier wisely points out, "There’s a big distance between tweaking and repealing."  There is also a good deal of uncertainty in between as well.  This is uncertainty the health care industry and the rest of the economy could do without.  Boehner will have his hands full dealing with this president on this and many other issues.  Fortunately, he doesn't seem to be inclined to shy away from the task:

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