Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GOTV: Pat Toomey thanks volunteers

I spent a few hours today making calls at the Bucks County GOP Victory Center, a very positive experience let me assure you. There was a good deal of enthusiasm and the phones were all in use making sure everyone who can vote casts a ballot today. One nice surprise, future Senator Pat Toomey stopped by about 2:00PM to thank volunteers. He was genuinely appreciative and posed for plenty of pictures with the young Republicans who wanted a facebook photo with their Senator. I took a few shots myself but didn't ask him for a picture for my facebook - oh well. I did get an autograph though. When I thanked him he was very warm and responded, "no, thank you for all your help." I really enjoyed meeting him.

Anectdotally, I have heard Republican turnout is very strong. There were reports of lower turnout in parts of PA's 8th Congressional District that tend to vote Democratic. We'll see if that holds out until the polls close. I am preaching to the choir but every vote is needed today so whatever reports we hear about enthusiasm will matter little in the end if people don't vote to close the deal.

Here are a few of the photos I took when Pat Toomey stopped by to say hello:

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