Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fitzpatrick winning by 17000 - UPDATE: Fitzpatrick Wins!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, Pennsylvania was a big winner tonight:

Those dark red areas represent 5 House seats picked up from Democratic incumbents, what a night.  In addition, Bucks County voted decisively for a Republican Governor and Senator:

Fitzpatrick, Toomey and Corbett all won the district by the same margin(approximately) as Barack Obama won it in 2008.  Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this happen.  It was thrilling to be there on election day to meet my new Senator and watch my new Congressman give his acceptance speech:
It absolutely pays to get involved.

More when I have had a chance to get some sleep!


  1. One word.....YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  2. I was so thrilled. I was sorry, I didn't get to get a picture of Kelly last night. I couldn't find her at the end and it was pretty crowded. Kelly and Kira did a great job up there. I have to say we really turned out Bucks County.

  3. Kelly left at about 10:30. She was disappointed that she had to leave, but she had school stuff to work on. She and Kira did work very hard, with not a lot of help unfortunately. Thanks for the support you gave.

  4. Congrats to you. It didn't go well for me locally. We have to do a recount for my district, but it doesn't look good.

    The neighboring district returned a 20 year incumbent who is one of the biggest disgraces of congress. He is not better than Grayson, just not as much on the radar nationally. We made him work for it, but in the end he still won by a wide margin. The only bright spot is the redistricing that will be done next year. His district will be split up. I am just hoping that they make it more even. I am not asking for them to rig it for republicans, just make it more even.

    Don't get me wrong, I am still happy with how it went last night, but I really was hoping that Moran would go.

    Oh, thanks for the linky love!!

  5. PA was a really big winner!

    I wish I could say the same for CA :( ...

  6. Hey Donald,

    We have been where you are though so there is hope.


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