Sunday, November 21, 2010

SNL: A message for you from the TSA

Lonely during this holiday season? Is the groping you got from your friendly TSA agent the most action you've had in a while? Saturday Night live has a very special message just for you:

H/T: Hot Air Headlines

If that isn't enough action for you, visit American Power for a Full Metal Salute to Special Linkmaster Smith - a Farewell Edition
Linkmaster Smith – a.k.a Smitty at The Other McCain and the conserva-sphere's babe-blog aggregator par excellence – will soon deploy to Afghanistan. Word has it that a new hipster, Wombat Socho, will be taking over the honors. Apparently the Wombat's still gettting up to speed on the ways of the RSS feed, although Ruby Slippers indicates temporary workarounds are available for non-Wordpress bloggers – so as not to miss out on the festivities. (And no doubt Opus_6 will be pleased!)
Smitty will certainly be missed in the blogosphere and I know many many bloggers, myself included, will be anxiously awaiting his safe return from Afghanistan.


  1. I saw Gloria Allred on Fox smilingly tell Juan Williams that she enjoyed the pat down because she hadn't been intimate with anyone for a long time.



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