Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday night snark

A roundup of links 
TSA Grope and Grab Fest
Don't opt out. Wear a burka  Carol's Closet
Sooper Mexican has a new TSA logo - Don’t GROPE me, BRO! - Go see it, it's great
Sarah Palin V Gawker
Hating someone doesn't mean you can infringe her copyright - Likelihood of Confusion
Depose the Left. Palin V. Gawker. A Case Study - Backyard Conservative
Sarah now you get to give Gawker a TSA Screening - Legal Insurrection

Fiscal Insanity
Make your check payable to "Bureau of the Public Debt" and STFU about raising taxes - Wyblog

Manic Media 
Obama: Shiva the Destroyer? - The Other McCain
Mediaite Malpractice and Steve Benen's Crackpot Column  - POWIP

Dems in Disarray
Remember How Hardly Anyone Noticed that I was the First Woman Speaker? - Jimmie Bise
Actions Speak Louder than Words  Fuzzy Logic
Lame Plans for Lame Ducks/ Big Bro Run A-Mok? - Nice Deb
Next up for lame ducks? The Dream Act - Adrienne
The Ballots Have Been Counted in NY-25, Ann Marie Buerkle Comes Out on Top - Lonely Conservative

More idiots coming out of the woodwork- Political Junkie Mom
Help DaTechGuy write DaScript for DaTechGuy on DaRadio - DaTechGuy
Whoopi Goldberg Observations Maggie's Notebook
Take a trip to the Ansel Adams Museum - And so it goes in Shreveport
I'll see your "adorable spider" and raise you a "spider on drugs"  - Mind Numbed Robot

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