Saturday, January 23, 2010

Karl Rove Predicts there Could be A Political Earthquake this Year

Karl Rove discussed with Sean Hannity potential strategies Obama may choose. The obvious sensible choice would be to move to the center and give up on health care but Rove sees Obama opting for the continued pressure for health care while feigning the part of "Mr. Populist." Obama's performance in Ohio earlier is reviewed as well.

Rove often gives the most measured assessments of the prospects for the GOP in the midterms. After Massachusetts, however, Rove declares, "This could be an earthquake this fall." Hannity refers to analysis from Newt Gingrich who suggests if the trend continues as we've seen there could be 150 Democratic seats at risk. Of course Rove goes nowhere near that prediction but clearly he sees a seismic shift in the future.

Rove posted a photo on twitter the other night laying out the most favorable scenario for Democrats in the coming 2010 Senate races:

Left-leaning analyst Nate Silver does a full report on the state of Senate races and finds Democrats with few prospects.  Stock up on the popcorn folks, it's going to be an interesting year.

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