Friday, January 22, 2010

Smearing Jon Runyan With Lies and Hypocrisy

Back in November, I posted on the possibility Jon Runyan would make a run for Congress.  I just noticed a post by Chris Wysocki, a New Jersey blogger at Wyblog pointing out efforts to smear Runyan with bogus charges.  Here is a bit from his intro:
Using legal loopholes to minimize our taxes is an American tradition. It's why we hire accountants and lawyers and use online tools like H&R Block's "refund maximizer". So how exactly is it "news" for the Star-Ledger to report that NFL star and GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan takes advantage of a property tax exemption to which anyone is legally entitled?
Liberals are going to be vicious as they blame part of their loss in MA on failing to smear Brown early on.  It looks like they are planning to get a jump on Runyan.  Read the rest at Wyblog, Chris explains why the smear is built on lies and hypocrisy.

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