Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can we get Harry Reid to call anyone else a "hottie"?

Because it is working like a charm:
In the Special Election to fill the final 2 years of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s term, incumbent Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand and former Congressman Republican Joe DioGuardi today finish effectively even, with Gillibrand’s nominal 1-point lead being within the survey’s theoretical margin of sampling error.

Gillibrand leads in the 5 boroughs of NYC but trails elsewhere.

Men vote Republican, women vote Democrat and, in this contest, cancel each other out.
This wasn't even a race considered in-play which makes this poll pretty shocking.  There's a lot of that  going around these days.  Joe DioGuardi will gladly take a donation to send Harry's Hottie to an early retirement.

How's that health care law working out for you Democrats?
Nearly half (48 percent) of all independent voters said that even if a candidate otherwise held perfect views (in the eyes of the voter) — even if they “agreed with him on all other issues” (italics added) — they still couldn’t vote for him “if [they] disagreed with him on health care reform.” (Another 13 percent weren’t sure whether they could abide such a costly error in judgment or not.)

And what must the candidate’s position on health-care reform be? For 83 percent of the respondents who said their vote would hang in the balance, the candidate must oppose Obamacare. So, according to the survey, if you support Obamacare, you’ve just lost 40 percent (83 percent of 48 percent) of the independent vote — before any other issue is even addressed.

Now who would have thought that health care bill would be a bigger liability than a word of praise from Harry Reid?

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